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Name: Mike Trigg Occupation: Investment Management Mike, your introduction to “C” You In The Major Leagues was similar to a lot of people. Yet different. You invited Dayton to speak to your company, WCM Investment Management, which is how many people first hear about the foundation. But you’re not based here in Kansas City; you’re in California. What made you want to bring Dayton to Laguna Beach to speak with your group, which, coincidentally, was … Read more

CARE: Jim Dickey

It’s funny how life works sometimes. This month’s “C” word is CARE. In the “C” You In The Major Leagues definition, CARE includes: puts others first; evaluates everyone honestly; understands everyone’s impact. Although I have a few people in mind who embody CARE on and off the field, I wasn’t completely sure who’d be featured this week. But then I came across an article that life-long Kansas Citian and longtime sports anchor, Dave Stewart, wrote … Read more