Crown Town Wiffle Weekend – FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

I don’t have a team, and can’t get enough guys/girls together, but I want to play. Can I play?

You betcha! Never mind that you’re the only one among your friends willing to risk some sore muscles for a great cause, we have you covered. You’ll go to our “free agent” pool. You’ll need to pay or raise at least $300 before July 2, but then around July 14, we’ll start placing free agents. First priority will be given to teams with fewer than nine players. Who knows, you may end up on a team with Royals’ Hall of Famers or your favorite media personalities. (If you don’t have a team and don’t anticipate having a team but you want to play, please send an email to, and we’ll get you set up with a fundraising page.)


What if we have don’t have nine players? Can we still apply?

Of course! During the registration process you’re asked how many players you anticipate having. Please let us know the number you plan on having. We will not ask for a roster until July 17. Please note, though, that each registered team is responsible for raising (or paying) at least $2,500 before July 2. That would not include any potential free agents. We won’t ask for your roster until July 13.


Our nine or 10 players can’t play both nights. Is there a roster limit?

We say that a roster is 9-16 players, and that’s an average amount. But if your team needs 20 players to have enough people for both nights, that’s great! (Hey, look at it this way: more players involved means the fundraising amount per player comes down….or your potential fundraising total goes way up!)


Can our company apply and start fundraising, once approved, even if we don’t know our team? 

Yes! Again, during the registration process you’ll be asked how many players you anticipate having. Please let us know that number (9-16). Once your team is approved you’ll receive instructions on setting up your team fundraising page. We won’t ask for your roster until July 8.


Can we have a co-ed team? 

Yes, we welcome ALL players above the age of 14 years old. The only caveat is that there will not be divisions based on gender. So a co-ed team or even an all-women’s team likely will face an all-men’s team.

Are there restrictions on our team name or uniform?

Unfortunately, yes. Anything deemed vulgar or otherwise inappropriate will be rejected, and you’ll be asked for a new name. If anything about your team shirts or uniform is deemed inappropriate at the tournament, you’ll be asked to change or forfeit your games. (And, again, there are no refunds.) We want to have fun in the spirit of Wiffle, but please KEEP IT CLEAN!


When will we know when we play?

We will have a special video presentation of the brackets and schedules about a week before the tournament. More details to come.


Are sponsorship packages available?

Yes! Sponsorships of every size are available with benefits including everything from signs at the UYA to a team in the tournament or a single spot in the Saturday game. If you’re interested, please visit our Sponsorship page, or send an email to


What if I have more questions?

More details, including a timeline of events and fundraising prizes, will be announced in the upcoming weeks and months. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please send an email to


How do I register my team?

Simple. Fill out the application on the tournament page by CLICKING HERE. We’ll get back to you shortly.