Support A Participant

Are you wanting to help your favorite Wiffle player or team reach its fundraising goal, while making a huge difference in the lives of kids and families in crisis in the Kansas City area? This is where you can find each team and individual registered for Crown Town Wiffle Weekend.

To support your favorite tournament team, look for the name below…or, to make it easier, you can hit CTRL-F and type the team name. Once you find it, click on it, and donate with your credit card or PayPal account. And, please note that your gift is tax-deductible, as the “C” You In The Major Leagues Foundation is a component fund of The Signatry, a 501(c)(3) organization (Tax ID 43-1890105).

By donating, you’re not only helping your friend or a team participate in Crown Town Wiffle Weekend, while making a huge difference in Kansas City, but you’re possibly getting some of these cool prizes, too. (We will note once each of the following offers is closed.)


The first 50 people (non-players) who donate at least $300 will receive a Wiffle ball signed by Dayton Moore.
The first 40 people (non-players) who donate at least $500 will receive a CYITML “Lead with a ‘C'” hoodie, plus a Wiffle ball signed by Dayton Moore.
The first 30 people (non-players) who donate at least $750 will receive a CYITML 1/4-zip pullover or polo, plus a signed copy of either Dayton Moore’s “More Than A Season” book, or Jeff Montgomery’s “If These Walls Could Talk” book.

The first 15 people (non-players) who donate at least $1,500 will receive special recognition on the CYITML website, and an invitation for two to a 2018-19 offseason lunch with Dayton Moore. (This will be a group luncheon with the date and location to be determined. If the scheduled date does not work with your schedule, you will receive an invitation to another CYITML event at a later date.)


Thank you for your consideration and support!


  1. 2018 Crown Town Fundraising

    Here's our progress through peer-to-peer fundraising. Can you help us get to $50,000? To $75,000?
    $38,482.00 donated
  2. Tournament – Mash Plastic

    $3,350.00 donated of $2,500.00 goal
  3. Tournament – Plastic Pyros

    We are former college athletes looking to relive the glory days while supporting a good cause!
    $2,640.00 donated of $2,500.00 goal
  4. Tournament – MOTA-B

    KC Wiffle Champs looking to make a run through Wiffle at the Academy!
    $2,600.00 donated of $2,500.00 goal
  5. Tournament – Ken Harvey Cut-Off Men

    You're wearin' your anatomy out for charity. Nobody else does this much for charity. Bob Hope would.
    $2,500.00 donated of $2,500.00 goal
  6. Tournament- Pier Pressure

    Wanting to help kids develop a great foundation.
    $2,500.00 donated of $2,500.00 goal
  7. Tournament- Willie Wifflesons Royal Flush

    For the love of Wiffle & the opportunity to raise money to give back to the community!
    $1,660.00 donated of $2,500.00 goal
  8. Tournament – Wiff ‘Merica

    Supporting a GREAT cause while playing America's game! While trying not to sprain or tear ligaments.
    $1,500.00 donated of $1,500.00 goal
  9. Tournament – KC Capitols

    We're playing to benefit CYITML and to have fun!
    $1,200.00 donated of $2,500.00 goal
  10. Tournament – Fescoe’s Fiasco

    We want to join the great work that CYITML is doing in this city!
    $700.00 donated of $500.00 goal
  11. Tournament- BridgeQuest Blue Chippers

    Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.
    $558.00 donated of $2,500.00 goal
  12. Tournament – The Naturals

    We're supporting a great cause. Besides, who doesn't love Wiffle ball!
    $50.00 donated of $500.00 goal
  13. Tournament- CSCM Bond Bombers

    Supporting a great cause while playing the great American game Wiffle Ball!
    $0.00 donated of $2,500.00 goal
  14. Tournament – Walz Tetrick

    We believe in helping the city through Dayton's foundation and a game of Wiffle!
    $0.00 donated of $500.00 goal
  15. Tournament- Men of Steel

    Men of Steel are here to win the tournament while prompting a great cause!
    $0.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  16. Tournament – KSHBoom

    This is a great cause to support!
    $0.00 donated of $500.00 goal
  17. Tournament – FOX 4 KC

    We want to help families and kids in KC...and beat the other media teams!
    $0.00 donated of $500.00 goal
  18. Tournament- Spring Venture Group MVP

    Supporting a great, local organization!
    $0.00 donated of $2,500.00 goal
  19. Tournament- Pro Athlete

    Wiffling all the way to the Championship while supporting the Kansas City community we are so proud to be apart of!
    $0.00 donated of $2,500.00 goal
  20. Tournament – Bob Allen Ford Mustangs

    Support us in our quest for gold!!
    $0.00 donated of $2,500.00 goal
  21. Tournament – Team EPIC

    Raising an epic amount for an epic cause!
    $0.00 donated of $2,500.00 goal
  22. Tournament – Crown Town Crushers

    Theres no pitch we can't crush!
    $0.00 donated of $2,500.00 goal
  23. Tournament – Luke Draily Demolition

    Supporting a good cause while playing some good old fashion Wiffle ball!
    $0.00 donated of $2,500.00 goal
  24. Tournament – K.C. Kids

    We can't wait to support a great charity and have fun.
    $0.00 donated of $2,500.00 goal
  25. Tournament- Honey Nut Ichiros

    It's our mission to give back to the community and lead by example.
    $0.00 donated of $3,000.00 goal