C-10 Podcast: C-10 Students, Ep. 112

One of the most interesting sessions we do with our C-10 students is what we call “student podcast night.” We started this last school year as a way to encourage the students to listen to the C-10 podcast with more intentionality.

Here’s how it works. We pick four students and they each pick a different episode of the C-10 Podcast. They listen to it, pick a 30-90-second segment that speaks to them the most, and then we play that in front of the group before they’re interviewed by their mentor. Of course, they then go through a Q&A with the other students and mentors.

So, that’s what we’re doing this week. And, as you might’ve guessed from the artwork for this week’s episode, you’re going to be hearing from seniors Isaiah, Lisa and Korey, and junior Topher.

This is not the typical guest, obviously, but we think you’ll glean a lot from the students, their views on leadership, and their views on our world.



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