C-10 Podcast: Dan O’Dell, Ep. 10

Dan O’Dell and his wife Maria run one of the most successful residential real estate groups in the Kansas City area, Group O’Dell. Although they’ve been supporters of “C” You In The Major Leagues, we invited Dan to join us for this episode because he’s a great encourager and mentor to other leaders. His daily focus is to encourage those around him.

Ironically, we first met Dan O’Dell when he invited CYITML founder Dayton Moore to speak at a leadership breakfast that they host each year.



Some notes:
— You can find more about Group O’Dell at their website.
— We talk about the book, “Acres of Diamonds.” Here is an Amazon link to that book.
— Dan mentions Brian Buffini. His podcast can be found at TheBrianBuffiniShow.com.
— If you have comments or suggestions for a future guest, you can contact us here.


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