C-10 Podcast: Evan Lange, The Signatry, Ep. 51


As you probably know if you follow us on social media or have gone to C10Mentoring.com, there are two huge goals for the C-10 Mentoring & Leadership program for high school students here in the Kansas City area. One is to help develop a servant-leadership heart in them — or to continue developing that. The second is to help prepare them for the next stage in life.

This year with our nine seniors we have been more deliberate about helping to prepare them for that next step. One of the ways we do that is with teaching them about money and budgeting and investing.

In early May we had a Zoom session with our seniors, their parents and guardians, and their mentors, as we introduced them to the idea of a donor-advised fund, which, essentially, is a savings account to use for charitable purposes.

Our guest speaker that night was Evan Lange, who’s the President of the Midwest division of The Signatry, which is a Christian community foundation. Before joining the Signatry, Evan was an associate attorney with a couple of the big law firms in Kansas City.

As with many of the sessions with our students that we turn into podcast episodes, most of our conversation with Evan was focused on the seniors and some things we’re doing for them, but we wanted to share Evan’s story, his leadership journey, and thoughts on the idea of generosity with you.

With that, here is this week’s conversation with Evan Lange from The Signatry.


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