C-10 Podcast: Jen Fescoe-Jim Unruh, Ep. 132

This week you’re going to be hearing from two of the mentors in our C-10 Mentoring & Leadership program: Jen Fescoe and Jim Unruh. (Technically, you’re hearing from three C-10 mentors as Al Wallace, a longtime Kansas City sportscaster, leads the discussion.)

This was recorded on Wednesday night, September 6th, in front of our students and mentors at Music Theater Heritage inside Crown Center here in Kansas City.

We actually recorded four interviews that night, so you can hear the first two this week and then the next two in a future episode.

We interview mentors from time to time because we want the students in the program to hear about leadership within different companies, and see that most of our paths aren’t straight between high school and a possible career to the ultimate career in a person’s life. We recorded these four with the idea that they’d be episodes of the C-10 Podcast.

Up first are Jen Fescoe and Jim Unruh.

Jen is in her fifth year as a C-10 mentor. Here’s a cool thing about Jen and the program: she was paired with a student in her first year, but the student didn’t return. She was paired with a new student for her second year. Again, the student didn’t return for a second year. We promised Jen, though, that she wouldn’t have that issue with her third student.

And she didn’t. It was a perfect fit. Jen and her third student, Alissa, bonded quickly. And Alissa excelled in C-10. So much so that she was selected as a member of the C-10 Student Leadership Council last year, and this year, as a college freshman, Alissa is back as a mentor in training.

By day, Jen, who’s the mother of two teenage girls and is the wife of Bob Fescoe, a morning host on 610 Sports Radio, is a high school teacher.

After Jen you’ll hear from Jim Unruh, who’s in his third year as a C-10 Mentor.

Jim, who’s in leadership in commercial real estate with Collier’s, has had the same student for his first two years, Manny. Like Alissa, Manny has been so well thought of by his peers that this year he’s a member of the C-10 Student Leadership Council. (Incidentally, Manny is the second of three students from his family to be in C-10. His older brother was in the program for more than three years and his younger sister joined this year.) That’s a direct correlation to his experience with his mentor, Jim Unruh.



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