C-10 Podcast: Jerry Weaver, Ep. 128

When you were young, did you ever dream of staying up all night during the summer to play your favorite sport or game? For many, especially in the summer, it was baseball.

Well, this week we’re talking about that dream of playing all night as we talk about an idea of an “Endless Game.”

But it’s not a bunch of 12-year-olds who’ve hatched this idea. No, it’s a group of, well, middle-aged (or slightly beyond) men and women who came up with the idea of playing an all-night game…for about four nights and five days. And, along the way, they’re hoping to break a Guinness Book World Record…and raise a lot of money for various charities in Kansas City, including C You In The Major Leagues.

This week we’re chatting with one of the main instigators of this idea — and someone who happens to be a big supporter of C You In The Major Leagues — Jerry Weaver. (In full disclosure, as you’ll hear, Jerry and his wife Janice are monthly donors to C You In The Major Leagues, and he’s participated in our first two C You At Topgolf fundraising events. The photo for this week is from this year’s event when Jerry’s team won the “Far From First” award.)

By day, Jerry is a Regional Sales Manager with Minerals Technologies. But by night and weekend, Jerry plays and helps run the Kansas City Men’s Senior Baseball League.


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