C-10 Podcast: Lina Baquero and Lenin Guerra, Ep. 106

As you may know — as we’ve mentioned on previous episodes — one early goal of this podcast was to introduce you to the great leaders who speak to our C-10 Mentoring & Leadership group once a month. Another early goal was to introduce you to the incredible mentors in the C-10 program.

Well, this week, we’re combining both.

Several months ago, C-10 Curriculum Committee Chair — and occasional guest host of the C-10 Podcast — Max Utsler interviewed two of our mentors, Lina Baquero and Lenin Guerra, as that month’s guest speakers.

Although we’ve interviewed mentors as guest speakers before, these two had special stories to share as they had two of the farthest journeys to come to the Midwest. And each came to the United States in similar fashion — around the age of 17 or 18, right after high school…the same age as our C-10 students — and came alone, as each came to this area to attend college on athletic scholarships.

One of our C words is COURAGE. Think about the COURAGE it took for Lina and Lenin, or anyone else who’s done something similar, to leave home alone at 17 and 18, respectively, and go to a foreign country. (And keep in mind, for Lenin this was before cell phones and video chats.)

Obviously these types of stories are great for our students to hear, but they’re great, also, for the rest of us. Stories of overcoming doubt and hardship and difficulty…and in the case of both Lina and Lenin, holding on to their faith.

Again, Max Utsler conducted this interview in front of our whole C-10 Mentoring & Leadership group at Music Theater Heritage inside Crown Center.



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