C-10 Podcast: Menorah Medical Center, Ep. 52


With this 52nd episode — so a year of the C-10 Podcast — we bring you a conversation from one of our C-10 sessions with our high school students and mentors.

This one’s a little different than all of the others, though. It was a roundtable discussion recorded on April 28 at Menorah Medical Center. Moderated by Stann Tate, a C-10 mentor and the VP of Marketing for Menorah, it featured the following three leaders from Menorah:

Angel Monroy, the Assistant Chief Nursing Officer, who helps oversee all nurses at Menorah. Angel has worked in the intensive care unit at Truman Medical Center, a level I trauma center. He holds three degrees: BA in Psychology, a BS in Nursing, and a MS in Nursing. Additionally, he works with Sporting Kansas City as part of their medical staff.

April Rahe, who’s the Director of Respiratory, Neurology and Sleep Services at Menorah. She recently graduated and received a Leadership Certificate from the HCA Healthcare Leadership Institute, and is currently working on a Leadership Certificate through Rockhurst University.

Denise Culver (BSN, RN, SCRN, CEN), who’s the Neuroscience Coordinator at Menorah. She is responsible for the hospital’s stroke and neurosurgery programs. She is also a certified stroke nurse and a certified emergency nurse. For the past six years she has been a nurse leader in the management of two stroke programs.

As with many of the sessions with our students that we turn into podcast episodes, parts of the discussion were reserved for them. But we wanted to share these great insights into crisis management and leadership with you.

With that, here is C-10 mentor Stann Tate with Angel, April and Denise.



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