C-10 Podcast: Shawnie Nix-Todd Donoho, Ep. 133

This week you’re going to be hearing from two more of the mentors in our C-10 Mentoring & Leadership program: Shawnie Nix and Todd Donoho. (Technically, you’re hearing from three C-10 mentors as Al Wallace, a longtime Kansas City sportscaster, leads the discussion.)

This was recorded on Wednesday night, September 6th, in front of our students and mentors at Music Theater Heritage inside Crown Center here in Kansas City.

We interview mentors from time to time because we want the students in the program to hear about leadership within different companies, and see that most of our paths aren’t straight between high school and a possible career to the ultimate career in a person’s life. We recorded these four with the idea that they’d be episodes of the C-10 Podcast.

We actually recorded four interviews that night, and you can hear the first two — Jen Fescoe and Jim Unruh — in last week’s episode.

As mentioned, though, this week are Shawnie Nix and Todd Donoho.

First up is Shawnie, who happened to be the guest of our second-ever C-10 Podcast in 2020. (Link below.) But Shawnie has a special place in the C-10 Mentoring & Leadership program. She used to bring groups from the Police Athletic League to Kauffman Stadium for a program we used to have called C You At The K. That program ended up being the impetus for what became the C-10 Mentoring & Leadership program….and because we’d gotten to know her really well through C You At The K, when we put together the curriculum committee to form C-10, we asked Shawnie to be a part of that. And, about three years ago, as she was nearing retirement from the Kansas City Missouri Police Department, she became a mentor in the C-10 program. And we’re so lucky to have her as a part of this.

After Shawnie you’ll hear from longtime sportscaster Todd Donoho, who’s been with C-10 as a pinch-hitter mentor — a substitute mentor — since our first year. As you’ll hear, Todd had a long and successful career as a sports anchor in Michigan, Cincinnati and Los Angeles. Besides being one of our most active pinch hitters, Todd has also been an important part of our C You At Topgolf committee for the past few years.

One quick note about Todd’s interview because it’s unlike the other three that you’ve heard up to this point. Although students and mentors could ask questions of each guest that night, we took those out. But you’ll get a chance to hear a couple of the students’ questions for Todd. We’re leaving them in because the answers are insightful and entertaining.



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