2021 Gift Catalog

College Tour – 21 GC

Students in the C-10 program want to attend college, but many of them have never stepped foot on a college campus. They may not realize how the process works or they simply can’t afford it. Your gift will allow a student to visit our C-10 Leaders Scholarship partner schools.

ACT Prep & Test – 21 GC

The key to success for most high school students taking the ACT Test for college admission is preparation…learning tricks to do best on the test and receive more scholarship opportunities. Your gift will help prepare a high school student prepare for and/or take the ACT test for entrance into college.

Baseball & Softball Camp – 21 GC

There are hundreds of boys and girls in Kansas City who are unable to go to baseball or softball camp because it’s just too expensive. When they can’t go, they are stuck at home and not learning the sports and life skills that a camp provides. Your gift will send a child to a camp at no cost to the child’s family.

Food for a Student – ’21 GC

Your gift will help feed a C-10 student at a weekly session. Being able to eat dinner at a weekly session is critical because it helps students focus better on that night’s lesson, it provides a time for students and mentors to connect, and it feeds the students who may not otherwise know they’re getting their next meal.

Tee Ball – ’21 Gift Catalog

Many parents can’t afford the rising costs of putting their child in a sports league. So kids are unable to play on an organized team and learn the skills of being a good teammate. Your gift will allow a boy or girl to be able to play in an instructional backyard Tee Ball league at little to no cost to the family.