Tournament Fundraisers

Collins’ Crushers

Wanna play on a team with two-time Super Bowl champion and former Chief Mark Collins? For a donation of at least $250, you can attend the luncheon, catered by Jack Stack, on Friday, and then play in at least two games with MC.


This is a great way for us to support a great organization in the Kansas City community, while having a great time with our staff and clients!

Jen’s Wifflers

We love what “C” You In The Major Leagues is doing in Kansas City, particularly for girls through the C-10 mentoring program and softball camps at the UYA. We want to help expand that program…and have a great time playing Wiffle!

Epic KC

Epic KC is our Presenting Sponsor of Crown Town Wiffle Weekend. Comprised of Epic Church, Epic Kids Care, and Epic Sports Lodge, Epic KC has the same mission and vision that C You In The Major Leagues Foundations stands for. Epic Kc is looking to have another successful tournament this year and hopefully bring home the Championship Trophy!

C-10 Mentoring

Crown Town largely benefits our program so we want to help the fundraising efforts. It costs about $38 to provide one student with mentoring and activities for one week…or $2,000 per student, per year. So our goal of $8,000 would provide four students with weekly mentoring for the next year.

610 Sports

This is our third year involved with the Crown Town Wiffle Weekend event, starting in 2017 with the Wiffle Ball at the Hollow. The foundation is doing incredible work for people — particularly kids — in the Kansas City community. We hope you’ll join us in making a difference!