4th Annual Berkley Walline Memorial Tournament

If you’d like to make a financial gift to give students mentoring or an opportunity to play Tee Ball, please click below.

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Berkley and his mom Melissa.

Kansas City Christian is excited to host the 4th Annual Berkley Walline Memorial Tournament. Berkley was a former KCC baseball player that was diagnosed with cancer his senior year.

This year, 100% of the proceeds will be going to the “C” You In The Major Leagues Foundation to support mentoring and leadership development for high school students in greater Kansas City, and allow boys and girls, ages 4-7 years old, to learn the sport through Tee Ball.

Baseball was always Berkley’s favorite sport, even as a 2-year old, when he tattooed his dad with Wiffle balls off a tee. At KCC, he was a classmate of Royals President of Baseball Operations and CYITML founder Dayton Moore’s oldest daughter, Ashley. Berkley was also a huge fan of the underdog, and he cherished any opportunity to help others. He would be honored that his memorial tournament would provide support to “C” You in the Major Leagues.



  1. Michael Cassell

  2. Joe Edwards

  3. Bobbie Messick

  4. Catherine Trofholz Trofholz

  5. Melissa Walline

  6. Ryan & Katherine Potter

  7. Terry Summers

  8. Dolores Kitchin

  9. Chris Messbarger

  10. Julie Emodi

  11. Thomas Horner

  12. Brenda Sharp

  13. George & Maureen Emodi

  14. Debbie Niemann

  15. Kathryn Winegar

  16. Stephanie Kelly

  17. Lisa Hoff

  18. Matthew Fulks

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