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Think about that person -- or people -- in your life that you'd consider a hero or a mentor. It could be from your childhood or in your career or personal life as an adult. Are you thinking of a parent? A teacher or coach? Or someone from a mentoring program? C-10 is a one-to-one mentoring program that gives high school students, largely from underserved areas of Kansas City, a chance to gain educational, life and career experiences, while developing a servant leadership heart. Will you help us reach our goal to fully fund C-10 this school year?
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C-10 Mentoring & Leadership offers high school students, mainly from underserved areas of greater Kansas City, the opportunity for mentoring and exposure to an abundance of resources to learn life and career skills. Weekly programs offer a range of topics utilizing guest speakers focused on one of CYITML’s 10 C’s, ACT prep coursework, resume writing, communication and leadership skills, giving back to the community through monthly service projects, and much more.

The C-10 Mentoring & Leadership program will take a hair under $50,000 to run during its first year. Costs include: food for the students at each meeting; monthly service projects; guidebook materials for the students and mentors; the ACT test; career training; and other experiences.

Will you be among the names below to help us reach that goal?

  1. Maureen Rogers

  2. Maureen Rogers

  3. Anonymous

  4. Sam Migliazzo

  5. Gwen Carver

  6. Jorge Guzman

  7. Brad Petty

  8. Jack Monahan

  9. Michael Petty

  10. Jeff Diskin

  11. Nancy Closson

  12. Stephen Rock

  13. Allison and Mark Lauinger

  14. Linda Petty

  15. Chris Zerbe

  16. Sean Trammell

  17. Desiree Fergus

  18. Amelia Smith

  19. Katharine Spencer

  20. Dan Stepp

  21. Chris Mosby

  22. Patti Lindstrom

  23. Caroline Odell

  24. Maureen Rogers

  25. Melanie Davis

  26. Sheldon Harris

  27. Charlie Hughes

  28. Todd Burwell

  29. Jamie Wilson

  30. Scott Harnden

  31. Michael Petty

  32. Brian McDonell

  33. Gwen Carver

  34. Mary lou Kanatzar

  35. Jen Fescoe

  36. Peggy Bales

  37. Sharon Fulks

  38. Mike Trigg

  39. Anonymous

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  1. Peggy Bales

    I will do all I can to help financially and through service to the program as the new year approaches. This is my focus, passion, and service to our young people and their communities.
    I am a mentor in the C-10 program. Thank you for this opportunity.

    Peggy Bales


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