C-10 Podcast: Friday Flashback-Len Dawson, Ep. 102

  Earlier this week, my wife, who spent the first 28 years of her life outside the Midwest, saw a social media post about the Chiefs heading to the Super Bowl and it referenced No. 16. And she asked me, “Who’s number 16?” That was Len Dawson, I told her. She knows enough about football and Chiefs’ greats — and has lived in Kansas City — long enough to know Len Dawson was one of … Read more

C-10 Podcast: CTC Webinar, Ep. 69

  As we mention from time to time, this week’s episode is a little different. But just as powerful as the others. And this is one week you may want to share with others. In fact, a college president was listening when we recorded this, and asked for the link to this podcast episode so he could share it with his team.  Here’s why: this week you’ll hear most of the webinar we did with … Read more

COACH: Nick Foles

There’s an old thought in the publishing world — books, magazines, newspapers, whatever — that after a major sports event is finished, unless you’re in the winning team’s city, you move on. Or, unless you’re talking about Nick Foles. This month’s CYITML “C” word is COACH, which is someone who understands the game; is an independent thinker; a good self-evaluator; and offers enthusiasm. Is there a position that understands that definition better than a backup … Read more

COACH: Rocky Bleier

In the CYITML lexicon, COACH isn’t necessarily a “coach” in the general sense. Here it’s someone on the field, at the office, or at home, who understands the game; is an independent thinker; a good self-evaluator; and offers enthusiasm. A former Super Bowl champion that comes to mind is Rocky Bleier, who was part of the great Pittsburgh Steelers teams of the 1970s. His story has been told and retold countless times (and will be … Read more

COACH: Willie Lanier

This month’s “C” word is COACH, which, in the “C” You In The Major Leagues lexicon means that a person understands the game; is an independent thinker; is a good self-evaluator; and offers enthusiasm. With the NFL season underway, there’s a Kansas City Chiefs’ legend and Pro Football Hall of Famer who’s a great fit for COACH: Willie Lanier. The story might be one of the greatest in Chiefs history. Even among the players of … Read more