Dave Stewart

C-10 Podcast: Friday Flashback-Len Dawson, Ep. 102

  Earlier this week, my wife, who spent the first 28 years of her life outside the Midwest, saw a social media post about the Chiefs heading to the Super Bowl and it referenced No. 16. And she asked me, “Who’s number 16?” That was Len Dawson, I told her. She knows enough about football and Chiefs’ greats — and has lived in Kansas City — long enough to know Len Dawson was one of … Read more

CARE: Jim Dickey

It’s funny how life works sometimes. This month’s “C” word is CARE. In the “C” You In The Major Leagues definition, CARE includes: puts others first; evaluates everyone honestly; understands everyone’s impact. Although I have a few people in mind who embody CARE on and off the field, I wasn’t completely sure who’d be featured this week. But then I came across an article that life-long Kansas Citian and longtime sports anchor, Dave Stewart, wrote … Read more