C-10 Podcast: Will Gurley, Ep. 103

Throughout the next several weeks, you’re going to be hearing about the new book, “One Good Thing,” and, specifically you’re going to be hearing from these remarkable people featured in the book. As we recorded the interviews for the book, we did so with the idea that they’d be used on this podcast. Among the show’s notes this week, you will see an Amazon link to order the book, “One Good Thing.” Very soon we’ll … Read more

C-10 Podcast: China McCarney, Ep. 95

  As we do once a month or so, the C-10 Podcast features a conversation that took place in front of our C-10 Mentoring & Leadership students and mentors. And that’s what we’re doing this week. On this episode, we are joined by the Vice President of Jaeger Sports, China McCarney. Jaegers Sports is known around the world as a leader in athletic stretch bands known as J-Bands. Jaeger Sports specialize in arm health, arm … Read more