2021 #6 – Steve Morgan

2021 #6 | Blue KC Coaches with Character

Steve Morgan

The “C” You In The Major Leagues Foundation and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City (Blue KC) have announced former Lee’s Summit North High School girl’s lacrosse coach, Steve Morgan, as a Blue KC Coaches with Character honoree. Morgan’s knowledge and passion for the game have helped fuel the next generation of student-athletes in the Kansas City community.

Nearly one decade ago, in 2012, Morgan helped start the inaugural Lee’s Summit youth girl’s lacrosse team. He and a few other players’ fathers coached that initial team for two years before Morgan transitioned to Lee’s Summit North High School and accepted an assistant coaching role. The following year, Morgan was promoted to head coach and Club President of the varsity team, and he held that title until 2019.

Despite no longer coaching at Lee’s Summit North, Morgan is still extremely active in the lacrosse community. He currently serves as the Vice President of the Kansas City Metro Girls Lacrosse Association and is in charge of all high school operations. His work spans year-round, and he also collaborates directly with game officials to help improve the sport and solve any issues that may arise on or off the field.

“The work Coach Morgan has put into the sport of lacrosse, and enhancing the lives of those he coached and currently oversees, is remarkable,” said Royals President of Baseball Operations and “C” You in the Major Leagues Founder Dayton Moore. “His ability to help shape the upcoming generation, and the overall joy and happiness he possesses, is a perfect example of what this award symbolizes. We’re thankful for his continued commitment to the student-athletes within the Kansas City community.”

While coaching, Morgan helped more than 25 student-athletes receive collegiate scholarships ranging from the NAIA level all the way up to Division I. He considered it a tremendous honor to coach and help enhance the skills of high school students.

“I was fortunate enough to have a great working relationship with the Lee’s Summit North administration,” said Morgan. “Since we operated as a club within the school district, it was a benefit to have a great rapport with everyone associated with the school. Always remember that these kids are student-athletes with the word ‘student’ ahead of the word ‘athlete’. No matter how important someone may think the game being played is, the reality says that the sun will still come up tomorrow, and the world is going to continue to evolve regardless of the outcome of that particular game.”

When it comes to giving advice, Morgan follows a set of principles to help those he’s coaching. He believes that everyone’s best ability is their availability. This means no matter how good of a player you are, if you’re injured or unavailable to compete, it doesn’t matter. Taking care of your body, both on and off the field, is extremely important and a priority for being a successful student-athlete.

“I took great pride in making sure that I communicate with my players regarding what’s important to them outside the game of lacrosse by making sure they knew I was more interested in their potential life path than I was about them as just a lacrosse,” said Morgan.

Morgan knows the value of providing strong, positive messaging to high school students, and that a powerful mindset can go a long way in helping transform the next generation into an influential staple within the Kansas City community.

“I always made sure all my players understood that success could not be obtained, either on or off the field, unless that individual student-athlete had enough discipline to follow the set of standards set forth by the coaching staff that was designed to help them be successful in all aspects of life,” said Morgan. “If they are able to follow the rules and standards as it relates to everyday life, success on the field is just a byproduct of that discipline.”

“Steve’s journey with lacrosse began when he realized there was no girl’s youth league in the Lee’s Summit area and his daughter expressed an interest in playing,” said Morgan’s nominator Leah Morgan. “Steve volunteered his time for more than nine years to develop girls into strong, independent female student-athletes and has spent countless hours being a leader and a motivator to all of his players.”

“As described by Coach Morgan’s nominator, Steve saw a need in his local community and dedicated his time, effort and energy into fulfilling that need,” said Blue KC Chief Communications Officer Christa Dubill. “Looking back on the last decade, it’s easy to see how all of his hard work has paid off and to see the sport of lacrosse continue to grow within the Kansas City area. Coach Morgan’s guidance and leadership are just two of the reasons he was selected as a Blue KC Coaches with Character recipient.”