C-10 Podcast: Andriy Kravtsov, Ep 93

Imagine not only going out of town, but going out of the country. And after just a day or two of being in this foreign country, war breaks out in your hometown. And it’s not safe for you to go back. Suddenly, you’re in a foreign country, all of your friends are halfway around the world, much of your family is halfway around the world, and all you have possessions-wise are the clothes and whatever that you packed in your suitcase.

This week we’re chatting with a husband and wife who have faced — and continue to face — just that.

See, in February, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, which is a worldwide organization based here in Kansas City, was holding a conference in Texas for their ministry leaders from around the world.

Some of those ministry leaders were from Ukraine.

As you’ll hear in this conversation, it became more than just the ministry leaders from Ukraine. In fact, 29 people — men, women and children — came to the U.S. for this conference, realizing that Russia could invade their home country.

Of course, that’s what happened.

In this episode you’re going to hear from the main ministry leader, Andriy Kravtsov and his wife Lindsay. Andriy is FCA’s Divisional VP, North Global.

One goal with the C-10 program is to expose our students to various leaders and people overcoming adversity. Knowing Andriy and Lindsay fit both of those descriptions, in early October, they came to a C-10 session to speak to our students and mentors.

With emotion and a candidness, Andriy and Lindsay share about their journey, how leadership has played into this, and how they’ve found strength.



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