C-10 Podcast: Artrell Harris, Ep. 105

Throughout the next several weeks on this podcast, you’re going to be hearing about the new book, “One Good Thing,” which was written by CYITML Founder Dayton Moore, Unite KC Executive Director Ray Jarrett, and CYITML ED and host of this podcast Matt Fulks.

The book is a collection of first-person profiles of people who are doing “one good thing” in Kansas City to make a generational impact on this community.

(Among the show’s notes this week, you will see an Amazon link to order the book, plus a link to order signed copies.)

We should add that 100 percent of the profits from the book are going to support the work of Unite KC and C You In The Major Leagues. And we’re making grants to the organizations that are featured.

The purpose of these C-10 chats that you’ll hear in the coming weeks and of this “One Good Thing” book is to shine a light on people just like you and me who are striving to make our community a better place. It’s about love and forgiveness. And at the end of the day, we hope it’ll inspire you to do “one good thing” to make a difference for someone else.

This week you’re going to hear a great story from Dr. Artrell Harris, the Executive Director of Christian Family Services and preacher at the Roswell Church of Christ.

Dr. Harris is a native of Middle Tennessee and holds degrees from Tennessee State, Pepperdine and Midwestern Theological Seminary. He has more than 25 years of experience managing non-profit organizations in Tennessee, Indiana and Kansas City.

But he has a unique story and unique calling to not only work in the nonprofit world — and many of us in this world consider it a calling — but he’s also a preacher. He was also a successful referee in the college ranks.

He’s a terrific storyteller and has an incredible heart for people. You’ll learn that quickly during this conversation.



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