C-10 Podcast: Bryan Busby, Ep. 31

Bryan Busby and Max Utsler talk about Bryan’s career, his mentors and much more in front of our C-10 Mentoring & Leadership students and mentors on December 9, 2020.


We’ve mentioned before how a year ago, when we first started talking about this podcast, the idea was to release a new episode every two weeks. One week would be a conversation with one of our mentors, like we had last week with long-time L.A. sportscaster Todd Donoho. The other episode each month would feature the conversation with that month’s guest speaker for the C-10 Mentoring & Leadership program. 

Obviously COVID changed a lot of things with the C-10 program and this podcast, including the release of a new episode each week.

But, this week you get to hear a conversation from our C-10 session on Wednesday night, December 9, between C-10 curriculum chair and contributor to this podcast Max Utsler and long-time Kansas City meteorologist Bryan Busby.

Bryan has been in Kansas City since November 1985. He had an opportunity several years ago to join the cast of Good Morning America, but, as you’ll hear during this conversation, he ultimately chose to stay in Kansas City. And this city is better for it. Besides being one of the most recognizable faces on TV here in Kansas City, Bryan is very generous toward many nonprofits in our community with his time, talent and treasure. “C” You In The Major Leagues is one of those, and we’re thankful to Bryan for that.

You’ll hear about that and much more during this conversation with Max and Bryan, which was recorded in front of our students and mentors at the Otten on Main in downtown Kansas City.


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