C-10 Podcast: C-10 Students, Ep. 68


This week’s episode is a little different than any other since we launched about 17 months ago. We’re biased, but we think it’s going to be really cool.

Going into this school year we decided that we wanted our students in the C-10 Mentoring & Leadership program to dive deeper into leadership. To be more intentional about how they think about leadership.

With that in mind, and feeling that the guests we have on this podcast offer great leadership lessons, a few weeks ago we told the students about a new project they’re taking on this year. We asked them to pick an episode of the C-10 Podcast that they wanted to listen to, pick a segment that spoke to them the most, and then prepare a short talk about that segment…or be interviewed by their mentor about that segment. (All five students in this first group chose to be interviewed.) And then we opened it up to questions from the other students and mentors.

So, this week, five students from our C-10 program are going to be the stars — the experts, as we told them — for this episode.

Keep this in mind: we typically have about 40-45 people at each session, and the five students you’ll hear from in this episode all volunteered to be in the first group. They volunteered to get up in front of the group and speak. Take charge of this. That alone speaks to their leadership now and in the future. This group includes two new students — a sophomore and a junior, two more juniors and a senior. Two of the students in this group are actually siblings.

We’ll introduce each student and mentor along the way, but here’s who you’ll hear:

— Alissa and her mentor Jen Fescoe after a clip from Olympic gold medal swimmer Shannon Vreeland.

— Dawson, who’s regular mentor was not there, so pinch hitter Todd Donoho will interview Dawson after a clip from two-time Olympic silver medalist in gymnastics, Terin Humphrey.

— One special person our students have heard from a couple of times during their weekly sessions is Carl Jemison, who grew up in Birmingham during the Civil Rights movement, and knew Martin Luther King Jr. Second-year student Trey and his mentor Stann Tate will talk about Carl.

— First-year student Norman and his mentor, Andrew Kreiling, will talk about a segment from one of our other mentors, George Norton, who spent the bulk of his career in the Army.

— Finally will be Andrew’s other student and lone senior this week, Sidney, who selected a clip from KMBC meteorologist Bryan Busby’s episode.

It’s a little different week, but we hope you enjoy hearing from some of our students.


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