C-10 Podcast: Chad Gerlt, Ep. 43

George Harter (left), the founder of Musical Theater Heritage, and Chad Gerlt, the executive director.


If you’re a long-time Kansas City resident — “long time” as in you were here in the 1980s and even ‘90s — you likely remember a movie theater inside Crown Center. It wasn’t huge inside…in fact, the theaters could be called cozy. But in 2007, after the movie theater closed and Crown Center renovated the space, they approached Musical Theater Heritage, which had been producing shows since 2003 on a loading dock, about moving its shows there.

That was a great move for all, as nearly 50,000 people see shows at MTH each year in that renovated 244-seat theater. They do much more than shows, though. 

Joining us this week is a former “singing waiter” in Kansas City and Los Angeles, and someone who helped market those loading dock shows, the Executive Director of Musical Theater Heritage, Chad Gerlt.

In this episode of the C-10 podcast, Gerlt talks about his leadership journey and the importance of finding good mentors, takes a swing at our “Pregame BP” questions, and much more.



To learn more about Musical Theater Heritage, visit MusicalTheaterHeritage.com.

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