C-10 Podcast: Chase McAnulty, Ep. 67


Our “C” word for this week is COURAGE. In the “C” You In the Major Leagues vernacular, COURAGE in leadership is someone who wants the opportunity to decide the outcome; someone who’s not afraid to fail; and someone who fears no one.

This week’s guest definitely fits that.

Whether you live in the Kansas City area or not, you’ve undoubtedly seen his company’s work out there somewhere. That t-shirt with the heart and KC in the middle that have been worn on national TV by the likes of Rob Riggle and Paul Rudd? They came from his company.

The Crown Town shirts that are part of fundraisers for “C” You In The Major Leagues to support mentoring and leadership development for high school students? Those came from his company, also.

And, by the way, earlier this summer his company, Charlie Hustle, was selected as the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce’s 2021 Mr. K Small Business of the Year Award winner.

He, of course, is Chase McAnulty, founder and CEO of Charlie Hustle apparel here in Kansas City.

In this episode, Chase takes a swing at our Pregame Batting Practice, discusses the importance of the Mr. K Award and the importance of giving back to the community, the COURAGE it takes to fail as an entrepreneur, and much more.




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