C-10 Podcast: Chris Colliatie, Ep. 18

It’s funny how things happen sometimes. In the summer of 2019, our curriculum coordinator and occasional C-10 podcast co-host Max Utsler met a man who’d recently retired from a 34-year career at Hallmark. During the next few days, Max told the man how, since he was now retired, he should become a mentor in the C-10 Mentoring & Leadership program. The man, Chris Colliatie, got home and immediately filled out the application. He has since become invaluable to “C” You In The Major Leagues as a mentor and a committee member, helping with this spring’s (cancelled) “C” You At The Tee event and the current Crown Town Challenge.

In this podcast, Chris talks about meeting Max, the value he sees in C-10, the importance of the Crown Town Challenge and, of course, leadership and mentoring and being retired.

Incidentally, where did this original meeting between Max and Chris take place? On a river cruise. In Germany.


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