C-10 Podcast: Chris Davenport, Ep. 142

This is Episode 142 of the podcast, and we’re chatting with a great storyteller and filmmaker, who happened to start a conference to help folks in the nonprofit world get better at their jobs.

In short, Chris Davenport is a storyteller by heart. He’s had a career in Hollywood and doing documentaries, but he’s making his biggest impact working with nonprofits — working with organizations on videos of need and impact, and with a concept about 10 years or so ago for a conference to help nonprofits called the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference.

As you’ll hear, Chris’ background is in films and Hollywood. He’ll share some wonderful stories (and lessons) from a couple of films, how the death of his brother changed his outlook on work, and the importance of storytelling for businesses and leaders with any type of organization. And much more.


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