C-10 Podcast: Chris Moeller, Ep. 104


As we do about once a month, we take part of an interview with a guest speaker with our C-10 Mentoring & Leadership students and mentors and turn it into a podcast episode. After all, the guests we bring in to speak to that group are either great leaders in their fields — people who can teach us all about leadership — or people with stories that can inspire us.

This week, you get a little bit of both.

This past Wednesday, February 15, we moved to a Zoom session so we could speak with Col. Chris Moeller, who’s the Air Force Strategic Planning and Programming Branch Chief based in Washington, D.C.

Chris, who grew up in Nebraska, before attending the Air Force Academy, has had a deep career in leadership. Essentially, he went from fighter pilot to F-16 instructor, to squadron commander in Japan and he continued up the ladder to his current job of Strategic Planning and Programming Branch Chief.

His career and personality make him a special leader. You’ll hear that pretty quickly in this episode.

Now, as is often the case, we took out some of the students and mentors’ questions, so much of the conversation can remain private. But the result is a fun and informative 30-minute chat that will leave you with a lot of great thoughts and inspiration as a leader, whether that’s in an official capacity at work or at your home, your church, wherever you have opportunities to lead.

And, of course, we start it off with Pregame Batting Practice…



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