C-10 Podcast: Dan Britton on One Word, Ep. 97


This is episode 97 of the C-10 Podcast, and with December 31st in our sights, this is the last episode of 2022.

What’s the significance of those two things?

Well, they’re both tied to this week’s guest.

First off, this week’s guest, Dan Britton, happens to be the same person who joined us for episode 94 about a month ago. The second part of that — and the reason he’s joining us so soon after his previous chat — is because of a book that he co-authored a few years ago called “One Word.”

Are you a New Year’s Resolutions kind of guy or gal? Instead of setting a resolution, which statistically speaking won’t be successful, how about focusing on one word that can change not only your year, but your trajectory for the next several years.

Dan will share a three-step gameplan to finding your word and then sticking to it.

“One Word” is one of about 20 books that Dan has authored or co-authored.

By day, Dan serves as the Chief Field Officer with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. He has been on staff since 1990, serving first as field staff in Northern Virginia for 13 years before moving to Kansas City to join the executive leadership team.

As Chief Field Officer, he travels extensively around the world to work with thousands of leaders in more than 100 countries who are passionate about and called to sports ministry.


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