C-10 Podcast: Ed Bethea, Ep. 48


Our goal each week with this podcast is to bring you guests who have great stories and have been successful leaders or mentors in various fields. Although we’ve had some well-known guests, there are so many outstanding leaders out there who have stories and principles that you and I can apply to our everyday lives. 

That’s the case this week.

We’re joined by longtime college golf coach Ed Bethea, who actually joined us for our C-10 Mentoring & Leadership session and spoke to our students for a few minutes this week. 

Ed was the women’s golf coach at Dodge City Community College for 20 years — actually helped start that program — and had incredible success. The success that most of society uses to determine the success of college coaches, but also success in the number of student-athletes that he helped mentor, and still mentors today.

You’ll hear about that, as well as Ed’s thoughts on working with students today, and he takes a swing at our Pregame Batting Practice.



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