C-10 Podcast: George Norton, Ep. 47

C-10 Mentor George Norton sat in the Buck O’Neil Legacy Seat during a game in July 2019.


If you’re a long-time listener of this podcast you know that one of our initial goals was to highlight some of the outstanding mentors in our C-10 Mentoring & Leadership program. We also use this podcast to highlight the guest speakers we have for our students and mentors during the weekly sessions. 

Well, in this week’s episode, we’re combining both of those. On Wednesday, March 31st, we did relatively short interviews with three of our mentors in front of our students on the main stage at the Musical Theater Heritage location at Crown Center in downtown Kansas City. 

This week, you’re going to hear one of those interviews, as Max Utsler, who’s been a co-host on this podcast, chats with mentor George Norton. 

George has been a mentor in C-10 since our first year, and he’s served on a couple of committees for “C” You In The Major Leagues. George is very active in the Kansas City community. He has served — or is serving — on various nonprofit boards and committees, including Musical Theater Heritage and Kansas Public Radio. 

George has led an interesting life. He was a career Army officer, which you’ll hear about during this conversation, including serving as the Public Information Officer for the Army in Berlin during the fall of the Berlin Wall. 

But the cool thing about this chat is that it’s two old friends talking. Max was a professor at KU when George was working on his Master’s, and they developed a great friendship that’s spanned about 40 years. 




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