C-10 Podcast: Ian Adair, Ep. 71


“Five out of five people have mental health.” That’s a light-hearted way that Ian Adair stresses the importance of discussing mental health.

But it’s true. And this is a perfect time of the year to talk about mental health. (But then again, when isn’t a perfect time?) In particular, as leaders, how do we approach mental health with those around us?

This week’s guest is perfect to discuss these topics. Ian Adair is a TEDx speaker, and recognized expert in leadership, fundraising, and nonprofit management. He currently serves as the Executive Director of the Gracepoint Foundation, which is part of one of the largest behavioral health organizations in the state of Florida, impacting the lives of more than 30,000 individuals each year. He is the author of the book, Stronger Than Stigma. A Call to Action: Stories of Grief, Loss, and Inspiration!  

He regularly delivers keynote addresses on mental health and leadership. In 2019, Ian was named as one of the Top 100 Charity Industry Influencers on Social Media in the world, and last year Ian was recognized as one of 30 Nonprofit Founders that will Impact the World in 2020. Ian is one of the leading nonprofit speakers in the country, and has presented to more than 15,000 people over the last three years.

On this episode, Ian takes a swing at our Pregame Batting Practice before talking about how his childhood influenced his work in the nonprofit world, along with tips on what leaders can be doing for the people around them AND for themselves.



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