C-10 Podcast: Jeff Chadiha, Ep. 6


This week we talk with Jeff Chadiha from the NFL Network. We talk about the racial issues facing this country, Colin Kaepernick, leadership needed right now and the importance of mentoring during a time like this.


Chadiha, who’s on our C-10 Mentoring & Leadership curriculum committee, joined NFL Media in August 2015. He previously worked for ESPN, frequently contributing to ESPN.com on the NFL. Prior to working for ESPN, he worked for Sports Illustrated, following newspaper stops in San Francisco and Ann Arbor, Mich.



Helpful links:

“The Conversation” … The 45-minute documentary Jeff Chadiha did on Colin Kaepernick for the NFL Network: http://a.video.nfl.com/films/vodzilla/54968/NFL360_THECONVERSATION_FORWEB-20170224_17015316_5000k.mp4

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