C-10 Podcast: Jeremiah Enna, Ep. 101

If you follow us on social media, you may remember around this time of the year, we take our C-10 students and mentors to an incredibly moving production called “Underground” at the Kauffman Center here in Kansas City. It’s put on by the Culture House and Störling Dance Theater. It’s a dance interpretation of a story of three runaway slaves seeking refuge in the Underground Railroad.

This week’s interview is with one of the main people behind the Culture House and the Underground performance, Jeremiah Enna.

Jeremiah Enna received his BFA in Theatre from UCLA and immediately upon graduation moved to Sweden to take a position with Kreative Mission, an international artist community, where he was a dancer and composer. In Los Angeles, he was awarded the Carol Burnett Award for his work in Musical Theatre under the direction of John Hall and was fortunate to have a rich theatrical education under the leadership of Michael Hackett. In Europe, Jeremiah traveled, performed and taught extensively under the direction of Vibeke Muasya, together with the professional artists in her company, Eternia.

Jeremiah met his wife, Mona, in Israel. They moved to Kansas City in 1995 to establish The Culture House and Störling Dance Theater. Jeremiah is thankful to be a part of various community projects, including UniteKC, aimed at making Kansas City a thriving community. He and Mona are the proud parents of four wonderful children who are growing into adulthood at a rapid pace.

Joining Jeremiah for part of this conversation is Christiane Lisabe, a dancer from France who’s been coming to Kansas City every year to perform in “Underground,” Matthew Roberts, a first-time cast member, and Lorna Jarrett, who, like Christiane, has been in “Underground” since its inception.

We recorded this on Zoom on Wednesday night, January 25, 2023, with our C-10 students and mentors. You’ll hear questions from them toward the end.

We chat with Jeremiah about his background, the Underground Railroad, and much more.



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