C-10 Podcast: Joe Ungashick, Ep. 77


This month’s “C” word for our C-10 students and mentors is Coach. In the C You In The Major Leagues vernacular, Coach means someone who understands the big picture; is an independent thinker; a good self-evaluator; and offers enthusiasm.

Joe Ungashick certainly fits all of those, whether the receiver was an employee for Joe’s nearly 30 years at Shick, or a fellow CEO or a friend or a mentee.

Ungashick is the retired CEO of what was then Shick USA, a company that designs, manufactures, installs and services ingredient automation systems for customers worldwide. Their expertise includes automation of bulk, minor/micro, liquid ingredients and process design. We’ll figure out in a few minutes what all of that means.

He was one of our Crown Town Challenge Character Champions last fall, he has hosted our Wiffle ball and other events at his house, and he’s active in the Kansas City community, including serving as a board member for C You In The Major Leagues.

Joe shares his story of growing up in Kansas City, what exactly Shick does, that word Coach, and, of course, he takes a swing at our Pregame Batting Practice.



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