C-10 Podcast: Kathy Stepp, Ep. 70


For the first two years of what’s now the annual Crown Town Challenge campaign to thank and honor mentors, Stepp & Rothwell has stepped up as one of our sponsors. As such, they’ve been the presenting sponsor of this podcast. Well, on this episode we’re pleased to be joined by the “Stepp” part of Stepp & Rothwell, as co-founder Kathy Stepp joins us.

Kathy, who’s served on various nonprofit boards in Kansas City, is a financial planner and advisor for individuals and families across the United States. She founded her first financial planning firm in 1992, eventually leading to the creation of Stepp & Rothwell, Inc. in 1997. Kathy is frequently quoted in The Kansas City Star, the Kansas City Business Journal, Medical Economics magazine and Financial Planning magazine.

Kathy has served as a national spokesperson for the Citibank Mastercard and Visa consumer financial education program “Keeping Your Financial Balance,” and has appeared on CNBC and many regional television stations throughout the country. Locally, she is WDAF-TV Fox 4’s financial expert.

On this episode, Kathy takes a swing at our Pregame Batting Practice before talking about what she learned from attending seven schools as a child, her early dreams, and her focus as a leader and entrepreneur.



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