C-10 Podcast: Max Utsler, Ep. 16

Max Utsler leads the group in many of our C-10 Mentoring & Leadership sessions.


He’s been a guest co-host on other C-10 episodes but today you get to hear another side of our C-10 Curriculum Committee Chair Dr. Max Utsler.

Dr. Utsler was instrumental in getting the C-10 Mentoring & Leadership program planned and launched before the 2018-19 school year. And, lucky for us, he was about a year from retiring as a long-time journalism professor at the University of Kansas.

Earlier this summer, Utsler received broadcast journalism education’s highest honor, the Edward L. Bliss Award. Before retiring, he was also recognized at KU as the top mentor among his peers.

Prior to joining the faculty at KU, Utsler served as assistant news director at KOMU-TV (NBC) and Asst. Professor for the School of Journalism at Missouri. He joined the KU faculty in 1984 and served in both teaching and administrative positions. After serving as assistant news director at KSDK-TV (NBC) in St. Louis, he was a reporter, producer, and freelance writer with major media outlets like MLB.com, MLB-TV, CBS Sports, NBC Sports, Fox Sports, and ESPN. He spent half a year at KPNX-TV covering sports in Phoenix, Arizona.

Utsler, who’s from a farm community in central Illinois, graduated from Knox College before starting his career as a junior high English teacher in Minnesota.


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