C-10 Podcast: Philip Hutcheson, Ep. 79


If you were asked who’s scored the most points in college basketball history, you’d see this week’s guest near the top of that list.

For a stretch of time in the late ‘80s, Philip Hutcheson was one of the best players in the NAIA playing on one of the best teams in the NAIA. During his outstanding career he was selected as an NAIA All-American each of his four seasons, and the NAIA player of the Year in 1990. During his career the Bisons won an astonishing 139 games, including a national record 41 wins in 1990. “Hutch” was just as successful in the classroom as he graduated as Valedictorian with a perfect 4.0 grade point average. At the conclusion of his career his uniform became the first Lipscomb jersey to ever be retired. In March 1997, Philip was honored by the NAIA with his induction into the NAIA Hall of Fame. 

For the past 13 years, Philip Hutcheson has been the Athletic Director at Lipscomb University in Nashville, overseeing a program that has 17 men’s and women’s teams at the NCAA Division I level. Before that, he spent 11 years in Business Development with a paving company in Nashville. 

Now, in case you’re wondering why we’re having the AD from a small school in Nashville on this podcast. Well, a couple of reasons. First, Hutcheson has a unique tie to Kansas City, and made basketball history on the court at Kemper Arena about 30 years ago this week. And then, in full disclosure, C-10 Podcast host Matt Fulks and Hutcheson have known each other for more than 30 years Hutch for more than 30 years, and we’ve wanted to have him on here since we launched a couple of years ago. 

Hutcheson is an outstanding leader, a combination of lessons he learned from his parents, and also things he learned from his college coach at Lipscomb, Don Meyer.

And how did he make history at Kemper Arena more than 30 years ago? On March 16, 1990, he became college basketball’s all-time scorer when he surpassed Travis Grant. (Incidentally, about four years later, Hutch’s roommate during his senior year, John Pierce, broke Hutch’s record.) Hutcheson finished his career with 4,106 points and scored in double figures in all 155 career games.

Hutcheson talks about playing for Meyer, breaking Grant’s record, the difficulty of becoming Lipscomb’s AD, and he takes a swing at our pregame batting practice.


Matt references a C-10 episode with one of Philip’s former teammates, Rob Browne. To listen to that episode, click here.

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