C-10 Podcast: Randy Flagler, Ep. 41

Actor and Kansas City native Randy Flagler (top left) chats with (clockwise from top right) Matt Fulks and C-10 students Sidney and Dawson. Feb. 15, 2021


Something must’ve been in the water at Shawnee Mission South High School in the late 1980s because in a two-year span, 1987-88, it produced Michael Brandt, a successful writer/executive producer of movies and a hit TV series — not just a single show, but a series of shows — and two Hollywood actors: Rob Riggle, who was on this podcast last spring, and this week’s guest.

He can be seen pretty much every Wednesday night as “Capp” on the hit NBC show, Chicago Fire. He’s also been in movies including, Men of Honor with Robert DeNiro and Cuba Gooding, Jr., and The Double with Richard Gere. From Shawnee Mission South class of 1987, Randy Flagler.

In this episode of the C-10 podcast, Flagler shares stories from his career, talks about a different type of leader, takes a swing at our “Pregame BP” questions, and much more.


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