C-10 Podcast: Sandra Olivas, Ep. 113

Sandra Olivas is a Kansas City lifer. She grew up in Kansas City, Kansas, went to the University of Kansas, spent a brief time with a TV station in Topeka, Kansas, before coming home and becoming one of the top reporters for KCTV-5.

Sandra spent about 14 years at the station. But then her family, through the tragic death of her mom in a car accident caused by a high-speed police chase, altered her career.

She then went into the banking world, first with Bank of Labor Community Bank and, since January 2021 with First Federal Bank of Kansas City, where she is the Community Development Officer.

(On a side note, if you’ve listened to other episodes of the C-10 Podcast you know that First Federal Bank sponsors the Student Spotlight that hits around the middle of each episode. We are incredibly grateful to bank president JR Buckner and the First Federal Bank family for their continued support of C You In The Major Leagues and, specifically, the C-10 Mentoring & Leadership program.)

This interview was recorded in front of our C-10 students and mentors at Music Theater Heritage inside Crown Center on Wednesday night, April 19.

As we do with many of these interviews, we’ve taken out the students and mentors’ questions at the end, but you’re left with a fascinating conversation with someone who followed her dream, pivoted after tragedy struck — although not right when that happened, as she will point out during this chat — but she’s continuing to make a great impact on her hometown.

Max Utsler, who does interviews on the C-10 Podcast from time to time, was one of Sandra’s college professors at KU and interviewed her for this week’s podcast.



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