C-10 Podcast: Todd Donoho, Ep. 30

C-10 mentor, Todd Donoho (second from right), introduces two of our C-10 students to his longtime friend and Royals broadcaster Steve Physioc at the 2020 Royals FanFest.


One of our original goals with this podcast was to introduce you to the mentors and committee members that are so important to the C-10 Mentoring & Leadership program. So, this week, you’ll hear from one of those mentors, Todd Donoho. 

Todd was a television sports anchor in markets including Cincinnati and Los Angeles before joining the Mizzou Tiger Sports Network as a pregame and postgame host.

In this conversation, Todd takes a swing at our “7 Questions” before sharing memories from his career, and talking about some of the great leaders he’s been around, including legendary college basketball coach John Wooden.

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