C-10 Podcast: Mandy Shoemaker, Ep. 115

For those who’ve met her in the last 10 years or so, Mandy Shoemaker is an entrepreneur. And rightly so. In 2013, she and her sister-in-law Michala Gibson founded Prairie Elder Care, which provides residential care in a unique setting for people living with Alzheimer’s and dementia. And then last year they launched Connectivities, a subscription-based service that provides boxes of supplies for activities to help build connections for families and other caregivers for people … Read more

C-10 Podcast: Rex and Jennifer Hudler, Ep. 107

  Every couple of weeks you’ve been hearing more about the new book, “One Good Thing,” and, specifically, hearing from the remarkable people featured in the book. As we recorded the interviews for the book, we did so with the idea that they’d be used on this podcast. (If you’d like more information about the book, you can go to….or click on the link below. So far in this occasional series, you’ve heard from … Read more

C-10 Podcast: Vahe Gregorian, Ep. 56

      As we mentioned last week, here in June, the month of Father’s Day, we’re talking with folks who were greatly influenced by their fathers. And this week, Father’s Day week, appropriately enough, we’re chatting with Kansas City Star columnist Vahe Gregorian, whose father Vartan died in mid-April at the age of 87. But what a life he lived. Vartan was born in Iran to Christian Armenian parents and by the time he came … Read more

C-10 Podcast: Bill Hancock, Ep. 42

  If you’re into college sports at all, you’ve likely heard the name Bill Hancock. He was the long-time director of the NCAA Final Four, the first executive director of the Bowl Championship Series and the first executive director of the College Football Playoff. Shoot, you may have even seen him TV helping to present the championship trophy to the game’s winning coach. Or, if you’ve ever had to deal with the unimaginable grief of … Read more

Hancock offers wonderful lessons with “Blue Moth”

A blue moth. It sounds innocent enough. Harmless. Not tough enough to be a hero such as the Green Hornet, but certainly a loveable underdog in a Saturday morning cartoon. Except in Bill Hancock’s life. The blue moth was unsafe. Malicious. Tainted. The blue moth was the best way for Hancock to describe and deal with the grief of losing a son. Dave Matthews sang about it in one of his solo songs: “You should … Read more

“C” You At The “K” was a great success

The young man sheepishly walked up to me on his way to the buffet. He almost whispered when he asked, “Mr. Fulks, are we able to go through the line only one time or can I eat a little more food?” “Yes, please, go through as many times as you like! We want you guys to eat until the food is gone.” That may seem like a very basic conversation to many, but it’s one … Read more

20 ideas for fathers and sons

This past weekend, as I was rummaging through some photos, I came across a few from a trip to Chicago that my oldest son and I took last year. See, my wife and I decided about 10 years ago that when each of our three children turned 13, we would take each on a trip of their choice — within the continental United States. My wife took our daughter to see some boy band in … Read more