COMPETITOR: Dayton on Competing

This month’s “C” word is COMPETITOR, which, in the “C” You In The Major Leagues’ lingo, means someone that has the desire and ability to compete; high expectations; is tough-minded; and brings the best out of teammates. During his regular Friday morning chat with Bob Fescoe on 610 Sports Radio, our Founder and Executive Director Dayton Moore took the definition a step further.

Competing — the desire to compete — is perhaps the most important trait anyone can have. But you have to do it the right way. The key is competing for one another. If you’re competing for yourself, quite frankly, you’ll get worn out. You’ll get disgusted with yourself. You’ll feel a sense of burnout. You have to compete for one another. You have to want to compete for your teammates and your colleagues. I want every one of our players to understand — and this applies to all of us — is that competition is great, but that should carry into your personal life. So, if you’re married, compete for the love, respect and admiration of your spouse every day. If you have children, compete for the love, respect and admiration of your children every day. In the workplace, you should compete for your colleagues’ love, respect and admiration every day.

How do you create the type of environment where that can exist? You put others first. You do what you can to help other people succeed. When you do that you’ll be competing for them, and you’ll be freed up to give your best effort every single day.

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