This holiday season, many teens do not have the positive role models they need to help them get through high school.

High school boys, especially, face intense pressure today. They are drowning in a river of inauthentic, virtual “relationships,” and searching for purpose in their lives. Social media is teaching them to be a man, instead of being taught by positive adult mentors.

The good news is that you can help!

Your year-end gift will provide a mentor to a high school student. Any amount you give before midnight on December 31st will be doubled, up to $20,000!

Your gift will provide a student with an adult mentor who’ll develop an authentic relationship with him. Having this role model will help him finish high school and prepare him for college or to go into the workforce. And your gift will support all the work of C You In The Major Leagues.

Any amount will make a big difference. In fact, just $8.35 provides a student with mentoring for a day. The same amount that you’d spend for a value meal at a fast-food restaurant will give a young man a caring, adult mentor!

Your gift will help by providing a student with a one-on-one mentor. You’ll also provide him with job and life skills, character-based leadership lessons, scholarship opportunities, and community service projects.

You will give a student a safe place to mess up, and to learn that when a problem gets too hard, he can keep pressing on instead of giving up. Your gift will help him develop problem-solving skills and to think critically. And you’ll be supporting all of the work of C You In The Major Leagues.

Your kindness will change a life!