Supporter Spotlight: 2017 Impact

At least once a month during 2018 — generally on the first Friday of each month — we’re going to have a “Supporter Spotlight” for one of our weekly blog posts. A supporter is anyone who’s well, supporting people in need in Kansas City through “C” You In The Major Leagues. One month it may be a written Q&A with a volunteer. The next month it could be a video interview with a donor.

We’re kicking things off with something a little different: a video showing the ways our supporters have impacted lives in our community during the past year. We first showed this at our Christmas Celebration at the National World War I Museum and Monument in December. It’s about 8 minutes long. We hope you enjoy it. Thank you! (And a special thanks to one of our supporters, Kristen Loney, who produced the video for us.)


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