Dr. Elbie Loeb and his wife Ada at the “C” You In The Major Leagues Donor Appreciation Event/Christmas party in December 2017.


Name: Dr. Elbie Loeb
Occupation: Retired Physician


You’ve been a “C” You In The Major Leagues supporter since 2015, when the foundation was still relatively young. What made you want to get involved?

Dr. Elbie Loeb: I previously volunteered for Operation Breakthrough, working with inner city preschool children — I think that this organization is a continuation in helping to lift the children from poverty. I know it helps their self-esteem in building athletics skills and enhances their character.
What is your favorite aspect of what “C” You In The Major Leagues does?

EL: It reaches the youth of Kansas City. Providing them an opportunity to develop baseball and leadership skills.


Why is the work that CYITML does important in this community?

EL: It reaches to the youth at several levels, particularly those in the inner city who do not have other opportunities.


Of course, since you’re a Royals fan, what’s your favorite Royals memory?

EL: Eric Hosmer scoring from third base during The World Series in 2015. I think that tied the game, leading to the victory over the Mets.

Who was your hero growing up?

EL: Mickey Mantle and Paul Hornung, whom I met when I was approximately 10 and he was serving at Fort Riley while playing for the Green Bay Packers


Why do you continue to support CYITML?

EL: I envision a future when these children will become young adults with success and confidence as their foundation.

What’s one thing you’d like people to know about “C” You In The Major Leagues?

EL: The organization reaches down to lift up the youth of our community from poverty. We can accomplish this at a local level that has never been achieved before.
“Supporter Spotlight” will run periodically throughout the year. It’s a chance to highlight the people — donors, volunteers — who are making a difference in the Kansas City community through “C” You In The Major Leagues.

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