Unite KC

C-10 Podcast: Ray Jarrett, Ep. 111

Periodically on this podcast since February, we’ve been introducing you folks who have turned doing “one good thing” into life-changing experiences and moments for people in the Kansas City community (and beyond). The series is part of the new book, titled “One Good Thing,” that was co-authored by CYITML Founder/Board President Dayton Moore, CYITML Executive Director and host of the C-10 Podcast Matt Fulks, and this week’s guest, Ray Jarrett, the Executive Director of Unite … Read more

C-10 Podcast: Artrell Harris, Ep. 105

Throughout the next several weeks on this podcast, you’re going to be hearing about the new book, “One Good Thing,” which was written by CYITML Founder Dayton Moore, Unite KC Executive Director Ray Jarrett, and CYITML ED and host of this podcast Matt Fulks. The book is a collection of first-person profiles of people who are doing “one good thing” in Kansas City to make a generational impact on this community. (Among the show’s notes … Read more

C-10 Podcast: Will Gurley, Ep. 103

Throughout the next several weeks, you’re going to be hearing about the new book, “One Good Thing,” and, specifically you’re going to be hearing from these remarkable people featured in the book. As we recorded the interviews for the book, we did so with the idea that they’d be used on this podcast. Among the show’s notes this week, you will see an Amazon link to order the book, “One Good Thing.” Very soon we’ll … Read more

C-10 Podcast: Ray Jarrett, Ep. 38

  There is a relatively new movement in Kansas City that you may not be familiar with. It’s called Unite KC. In essence it’s the idea that through faith and our churches in Kansas City, along with a diverse group of folks from every sector across the board, we can bring about racial harmony and justice to this community. In full disclosure, one of the people who helped start Unite KC is the founder of … Read more