C-10 Podcast: Taylor Penrod, Ep. 110

Periodically on this podcast since February, we’ve been introducing you folks who have turned doing “one good thing” into life-changing experiences and moments for people in the Kansas City community (and beyond).

The series is part of the new book, titled “One Good Thing,” that was co-authored by CYITML Founder/Board President Dayton Moore, Ray Jarrett, the Executive Director of Unite KC, and Matt Fulks, CYITML ED and host of the C-10 Podcast. (You can learn more about the book at OneGoodThingBook.com or through one of the links in the show’s notes.)

So far in this occasional series, you’ve heard from Jeremiah Enna of The Culture House, Will Gurley, founder of the You Matter Festival, and Rex and Jennifer Hudler from Team Up For Down Syndrome.

This week you’re going to hear the inspiring story of Taylor Penrod, the community liaison for the Overland Park Church of Christ, but also the founder and CEO of The Barefoot Mission, a nonprofit that’s focused in the Argentine area of Kansas City, Kansas.

Incidentally, on two cool side notes, The Barefoot Mission was our partner organization last year for the C You In The Backyard Tee Ball League, and Taylor’s husband Jimmy has been on our C-10 Mentoring & Leadership curriculum committee since its inception.

Taylor is a terrific storyteller, but more importantly, she has an incredible heart for people. You’ll learn that quickly during this conversation.

We hope you enjoy it.



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