C-10 Podcast: Steven Screen, Ep. 150

In this episode, we’re excited to be joined by someone who’s helped shape some of the things we do at C You In The Major Leagues on the fundraising side. Steven Screen is the co-founder and creative director at The Better Fundraising Company, which launched 10 years ago this month in the Seattle area. And he’s been with other agencies that work with nonprofits during a 31-year career. CYITML Executive Director Matt Fulks — who’s … Read more

C-10 Podcast: Chris Davenport, Ep. 142

This is Episode 142 of the podcast, and we’re chatting with a great storyteller and filmmaker, who happened to start a conference to help folks in the nonprofit world get better at their jobs. In short, Chris Davenport is a storyteller by heart. He’s had a career in Hollywood and doing documentaries, but he’s making his biggest impact working with nonprofits — working with organizations on videos of need and impact, and with a concept … Read more

C-10 Podcast: Taylor Penrod, Ep. 110

Periodically on this podcast since February, we’ve been introducing you folks who have turned doing “one good thing” into life-changing experiences and moments for people in the Kansas City community (and beyond). The series is part of the new book, titled “One Good Thing,” that was co-authored by CYITML Founder/Board President Dayton Moore, Ray Jarrett, the Executive Director of Unite KC, and Matt Fulks, CYITML ED and host of the C-10 Podcast. (You can learn … Read more