C-10 Podcast: Matt Dimmick, Ep. 147

Matt Dimmick served as the Director for Russia and Eastern Europe on the National Security Council Staff. He previously served as the Russia Director in the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Through that he consulted a president on Russian affairs. He also held the positions of Senior Defense Official and Defense Attaché in Tbilisi, Georgia, Deputy Foreign Policy Advisor for the Chief of Staff of the Army, and Assistant Army Attaché in Moscow. A … Read more

C-10 Podcast: Ryana Parks-Shaw, Ep. 146

On this episode of the C-10 Podcast, we’re chatting with Ryana Parks-Shaw, the Mayor Pro Tem in Kansas City, Mo. She began serving her first term as council woman in the 5th District in August 2019. She has lived in the 5th district with her family for more than 22 years. Mayor Quinton Lucas appointed Ryana Mayor Pro Tem of Kansas City in August 2023. She also serves as the Chair of the Neighborhood Planning … Read more

C-10 Podcast: Chris Giuliani, Ep. 136

This week we’re chatting with Chris Giuliani, the CEO of Spring Venture Group, a national insurance company based in Kansas City that focuses largely on Medicare. Chris Giuliani joined Spring Venture Group in 2011 as Executive Vice President, and was promoted to CEO in 2012. Shortly after that, in 2014, he was selected for Ingram magazine’s “40 Under 40” list. Under Chris’ leadership, Spring Venture Group grew from 27 employees in 2012 to more than … Read more

C-10 Podcast: Shawnie Nix-Todd Donoho, Ep. 133

This week you’re going to be hearing from two more of the mentors in our C-10 Mentoring & Leadership program: Shawnie Nix and Todd Donoho. (Technically, you’re hearing from three C-10 mentors as Al Wallace, a longtime Kansas City sportscaster, leads the discussion.) This was recorded on Wednesday night, September 6th, in front of our students and mentors at Music Theater Heritage inside Crown Center here in Kansas City. We interview mentors from time to … Read more

C-10 Podcast: Jen Fescoe-Jim Unruh, Ep. 132

This week you’re going to be hearing from two of the mentors in our C-10 Mentoring & Leadership program: Jen Fescoe and Jim Unruh. (Technically, you’re hearing from three C-10 mentors as Al Wallace, a longtime Kansas City sportscaster, leads the discussion.) This was recorded on Wednesday night, September 6th, in front of our students and mentors at Music Theater Heritage inside Crown Center here in Kansas City. We actually recorded four interviews that night, … Read more

C-10 Podcast: Brandy Burch, Ep. 129

This week we’re talking with Brandy Burch, a co-founder and the CEO of Benefitbay, a company that works with other companies and ICHRA  — Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement, which is a health insurance solution for a company to offer its employees. Brandy started her professional career in the Kansas City area, including two years with Visit KC. But she’s had an interesting journey — at least certainly not a straight line. She graduated from … Read more

C-10 Podcast: C-10 Seniors, Ep. 120

As you might’ve seen in the title, this is episode 120. It’s going to be a little different from most episodes, but it’s an exciting one for us. See, on May 31st, we closed our C-10 Mentoring & Leadership school year with our annual salute to the seniors. This year, in addition to the normal pomp and circumstance, we asked each senior to deliver a 2-5 minute speech on one of our 10 C words. Each … Read more

C-10 Podcast: Ryan Watson, Ep. 117

  This week on the C-10 Podcast we’re chatting with Ryan Watson, a one-on-one mentor in the C-10 Mentoring & Leadership program. Ryan is finishing his second year in the program. As his student Korey heads to college in the fall, Ryan is eager to get his next student. Ryan grew up in the Kansas City area, graduated from Rockhurst High School and then Kansas State University. Incidentally, he is the nephew of award-winning jazz … Read more

C-10 Podcast: C-10 Students, Ep. 112

One of the most interesting sessions we do with our C-10 students is what we call “student podcast night.” We started this last school year as a way to encourage the students to listen to the C-10 podcast with more intentionality. Here’s how it works. We pick four students and they each pick a different episode of the C-10 Podcast. They listen to it, pick a 30-90-second segment that speaks to them the most, and … Read more

C-10 Podcast: Taylor Penrod, Ep. 110

Periodically on this podcast since February, we’ve been introducing you folks who have turned doing “one good thing” into life-changing experiences and moments for people in the Kansas City community (and beyond). The series is part of the new book, titled “One Good Thing,” that was co-authored by CYITML Founder/Board President Dayton Moore, Ray Jarrett, the Executive Director of Unite KC, and Matt Fulks, CYITML ED and host of the C-10 Podcast. (You can learn … Read more

C-10 Podcast: Mike Thomas, Ep. 108

  With the NCAA men’s basketball tournament happening right now — and the championship of the NAIA national tournament being crowned last weekend — this seems like a great time to chat with this week’s guest. But, frankly, it was just by happenstance that we even found out that he played basketball collegiately. See, we know him as the Chief Operating Officer at Operation Breakthrough, an organization in Kansas City, Missouri that does incredible work … Read more

C-10 Podcast: Chris Moeller, Ep. 104

  As we do about once a month, we take part of an interview with a guest speaker with our C-10 Mentoring & Leadership students and mentors and turn it into a podcast episode. After all, the guests we bring in to speak to that group are either great leaders in their fields — people who can teach us all about leadership — or people with stories that can inspire us. This week, you get … Read more

C-10 Podcast: Matt Fulks, Ep. 96

  As we do once a month or so, this C-10 conversation features an interview that took place in front of our C-10 Mentoring & Leadership students and mentors. But this episode, our 96th, is unlike any other we’ve done. During many of our recent weekly C-10 sessions, we’ve been using the mentors to show the students that they don’t have to have the rest of their lives figured out right now; that many times, … Read more

C-10 Podcast: Andriy Kravtsov, Ep 93

Imagine not only going out of town, but going out of the country. And after just a day or two of being in this foreign country, war breaks out in your hometown. And it’s not safe for you to go back. Suddenly, you’re in a foreign country, all of your friends are halfway around the world, much of your family is halfway around the world, and all you have possessions-wise are the clothes and whatever … Read more

C-10 Podcast: Dan Deeble, Ep. 92

  Have you gone through a career change, perhaps by your own choosing, as we saw coming out of Covid, or by a company downsizing? As a leader, have you ever felt stuck? Felt as if your leadership can be better, but you’re not sure how to get to that next level? This episode’s guest can help. Early in his career, Dan Deeble was the Marketing Director for McDonald’s of Santa Barbara. He had a … Read more

C-10 Podcast: Sly James, Ep. 90

As we do from time to time — as this podcast was designed — we are featuring an interview that was done in front of our C-10 students and mentors. This interview was done just a few hours ago…on Wednesday night, September 14th, in the Crown Club at Kauffman Stadium. It features a conversation with former Kansas City, Missouri, mayor Sly James. Sly James has worn many hats over the years – lead singer in … Read more

C-10 Podcast: Dave Heller, Ep. 89

  Typically with this podcast, we focus on leaders and great mentors in Kansas City, or formerly of this community. Well, this week we’re going outside of the area, but it’s someone with ties here. Of sorts. This week we’re joined by Dave Heller, the owner of the Royals’ high-A affiliate, the Quad Cities River Bandits. He and his group, Main Street Baseball, have owned multiple minor-league teams. So we’ll talk a little baseball. Dave … Read more

C-10 Podcast: Casey Wright, Ep. 88

  This week we’re chatting with Casey Wright, president of Chief of Staff Kansas City, a staffing firm in Kansas City. Casey, who’s been in recruiting most of his career, is a great fit for our C word this week, COACH. In the C You In The Major Leagues vernacular, COACH is someone who understands the big picture, is an independent thinker, a good self evaluator, and offers enthusiasm. Chief of Staff KC is a … Read more